Setting the Scene

Since I was three years old, I have been a dancer.

I came to the University of Florida in pursuit of the paramount “college experience” that my friends, high school teachers, and parents couldn’t stop talking about. Leaving behind the (insert name of fancy arts school here) acceptance letter, I decided to go for it, thinking my passion of dance would need to be set aside for academia.

That’s part of growing up, right?

Wrong. What I have found at the University of Florida is a community of dancers who refuse to sacrifice what they love just because they are focused on school. Where I thought I would find 50,000 Organic Chemistry students who are just too busy to worry about something like dance, I found a community.

I thought I was the only one in the in-between world of school and dance, but it turns out the University of Florida is full of students waiting for the next time they get to be in a dance studio, perfect their technique, or take the stage.

I was overwhelmed by the number of dance groups that I could audition for by my first week of freshman year. There were so many different styles that I wanted to continue practicing in college, and there were so many that I wanted to try for the first time.

That’s where you come in. If you are a new student at the University of Florida, or a senior for that matter, and you want to further your passion or try something new, I got your back.

Here are just some of the incredible dance groups we have on campus, and a little bit about what they offer to suit the dancer in you.

Dancin’ Gators

Whether you’ve never danced a day in your life or you are basically a Beyoncé back-up dancer, Dancin’ Gators could be the place for you. They are the only dance team on campus that does not hold auditions. Their goal is to bring together dancers of all different levels and styles.


The original student-run dance company holds master classes every week from ballet to hip-hop. If you want to try a little bit of everything, check out Floridance!

Extreme Dance Company 

Extreme can be a place for those new to dancing, and it can be a place for those ready for their Alvin Ailey Dance Company audition! They have different levels based on technique ability, and provide plenty of choreography opportunities for dancers who want to create their own movement.

Danza Dance Company

If you can break it down with a fierce hip-hop combination and finish with a triple pirouette into a side grande jeté, Danza is ready to see what you’ve got! They offer plenty of performance opportunities and teach tons of unique styles.

Stomp the Swamp

If you want to move your feet to the beat and advocate for Dancers Responding to AIDS, shuffle-ball-change over to Stomp the Swamp auditions! They are a rhythm tap dance team at UF who are ready to tap their way to the top.

Sabor Latino Dance Team 

The official dance team of the Hispanic Association brings the flare of Miami to the stages of Gainesville. If you can drop it like it’s hot and Salsa like the stars, check out Sabor Latino. They bring the fire to just about any event, from Gator Growl to VISA talent show.


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